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Volume 10
  1. 神經網路的敏感度分析
    Sensitivity Analysis and Neural Networks
  2. 以半色調技術製作彩色視覺密碼
    Visual Cryptography for Color Images Based on Halftone Technology
  3. STRPN:多媒體時空關係展示延伸型Petri Net模式
    STRPN: A Petri Net Extending Model for Scripting Spatial-Temporal Relations between Multimedia Objects
  4. Synchronization Models for Interactive Multimedia Presentations Using Timed Petri Nets
    MuDer Jeng、YuanLin Wen
  5. The Distributed Multimedia Presentation System Based on Extended Timed Petri Nets
    Timothy K. Shih、Huan-Chao Keh、Jiung-yao Huang、Lawrence Y. Deng、Teh-Sheng Huang、Ding-Jung Chiang
  6. A Petri Net Approach for Performance Measurement of Supply Chain in
    Agile Virtual Enterprise

    Reggie Davidrajuh


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